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Facts u should know about Shin chan

IF you love shinchan u should know these facts:

1. Shin Chan Loves Choco chips.
2. Shin Chan Hates Shimla mirch (Capsicum).
3. Shin Chan Loves flirting with beautiful girls, who have long legs.
4. Shin Chan is five year old.
5. Shin Chan full name is Shin Chan Nohara.
6. Shin Chan best friends are Kazama, Nene (Nini), Masao and Boo (Suzuki).
7. Shin Chan fathers name is Hiroshi Nohara (Harry).
8. Shin Chan mothers name is Misae Nohara (Mitsy).
9. Shin Chan sisters name is Himawari Nohara (Daisy).
10. Shin Chan pets name is Shiro (A White, Fluffy Dog).
11. Shin Chan Loves to Watch Action Kamen.
12. Shin Chan is a member of Kasukabe Defense Organization.
13. Shin Chan school name is Futaba Kindergarten.
14. Shin Chan is in Sunflower Class.
15. Shin Chan’s teachers name is Ishizaka.
16. Shin Chan Loves to trouble other people especially Kazama.
17. Shin Chan Loves singing and dancing in his own style (Weird Style Indeed).
18. Shin Chan doesn’t like girls of his age.
19. Shin Chan loves to dress up like an animal especially an Elephant.
20. Shin Chan doesn’t really care about others.
21. Shin Chan is really scared of his mom.
22. Shin Chan’s principal name is Principal Enzo or Gang Leader Sir.
23. Shin Chan even loves to Watch Quantum Robot.
24. Shin Chan troubles everyone but Shin Chan is troubled by his sister Himawari Nohara.
25. Shin Chan doesn’t like to take Shiro to a ride.
I hope you will love these facts. Leave a comment if you have anymore so I can include them as well.



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